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GasGas MC450F (2021)

Updated version!

After spending the majority of our time testing and developing our products to improve this bike, we have learned exactly what this motorcycle needs to optimize the performance on dirt. No need to overthink or stress what combination to purchase. This kit is specifically designed to improve your motorcycle.

  • Incredible handling improvement
  • Increased torsional flex with Billet Top Mounts
  • Plusher feel, more control, added bump absorption
  • Stiffer than stock Titanium Front Engine Mount Bolt to mimic Factory Race Team welded on frame gusset
  • Developed by top industry professionals
  • Used by the top factory teams
  • Used by Blake Baggett, Rocky Mountain KTM & Jordi Tixier

(2021) GasGas MC450F / EX450F FCP Racing Kit



All of our products are designed and engineered to improve handling, cornering, traction and feel!

Our kits include the highest quality CNC Machined Aircraft Aluminum top mounts and Titanium Front Engine Mount Bolt.

*Product may appear slightly different than displayed

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